After dark

After dark

Awake in the middle of the night
I look out my window into the street below
People passing by like as if all is well
Some about to start the usual partying

I make out my favorite party goers
I don’t know any of them personally
But I like them already

I look out my window everyday you see
I sleep by 11pm when I get back from work
But by 2 am I’m awake again
Scanning the street down below

Waking up in the dead of the night
I leave the demons I sleep with
To face the demons that seek me

Problematic,ย  troubled, disturbed
Adjectives people use to describe me
I don’t correct them anyways
Cause I sometimes see what they see

Everyone talks about a safe haven
About having bestfriends
About finding their soul mates
But not me, no not me

I’m searching for something
Maybe everything or just nothing
When I see it, i might know it
But I keep searching


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