I. Am. Beautiful

I. Am. Beautiful

Picking up my pen
I write my first word
I toss it in my mind
Trying to make sense out of it

I feel like a child
Taking her first step
Trying to stand and falling back down
Looking around to see if there is help
Resisting if any did come

Back to tossing and turning this word
The word in question is spelled I
A long, tall and selfish I
I still can’t make no sense of it
Who or what exactly is this I

We need to find out what this is
Wait the answer seems to slowly come
It is you who is the I
A personal pronoun used to identify

Finally I am the I
Now I can proceed to ink my slate
I write down “am” next to the I
Time to think of what this new word means
Tossing and turning it all over again

It is a verb that voice calls out
A verb “to be”  it quietly says
Expressing a state of being is what it does
It works real well when next to I

Tick tick tick tock
I’m slowly running out of time
I need to put down one word
Then I can call it a day

“Beau” comes off my pen
But wait this makes no sense
Of course it does the voice calmly says
That means fine but only in french

I turn and toss my pen around
I need to complete this last word
I remember again my baby steps
Or how I imagined it to have been
I smile cause it seems so beau–
It seems so beaut–

I am beaut is all I come up with
Don’t give up, the voice calls out
You have but only four letters to go

Working with letters are the hardest
There are 26 beautiful ones in all
Hold on that is the word that you seek

Now I have all my three words
I . am . beautiful
Do you think that it is true I ask the voice
Oh yes my dear it says to me
The sentence is the truest I’ve seen

Speaking of seen, oh mysterious one
Come out and let me see your face
You can’t see me it gently says
And why is that I do reply
Because I’m all up in your head


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