Beautiful sketches

Beautiful sketches

What do you love about yourself, girl?
I know what I love about you
In fact I know many things I love about you
The shape of your nose and beautiful curve of your lips
Your intelligence and the way your voice comes out strong when you talk
But that’s just me, what do you really think?

Why can’t you take a compliment, girl?
Whenever anyone says something nice to you
You look down, up, sideways, anywhere at all
Except the person complimenting you
And even when you do, you just offer a weak unsure smile
I just want to know why?

Why do you walk in a sloppy manner, girl?
I have never seen someone with a more pretty figure than you
I’m not trying to tell you how to walk
Of course that’s up to you and only you
But you need to relax,  relate, release and feel the power that’s in your legs
The beauty packed in that ass, the grace and confidence in your shoulders
That elegant elegant woman you can be if you just stood tall

Why do you hate taking pictures, girl?
Do you know how the camera would love to worship you
Your features are far from boring like you think
Your eyes hold the world, your cheekbones are like that of a nubian princess
You are queen Esther, queen nephritis, Aphrodite
Your smile on its own stops the world right in its track
You are picture perfect in every sense

To every girl out there who is afraid to come out and feel beautiful
You are most often time more beautiful than you really think you are
Don’t be afraid to look into the mirror
Don’t be afraid to stand out in the crowd
Go forth and conquer beautiful beautiful queen

Priscillia’ copy


2 thoughts on “Beautiful sketches

  1. Yeah, go on girl, you are so so beautiful, wonderful and fearfully made by the creator of heaven and earth. He is the perfect finisher, the greatest builder and molder of the finest that you are. Kudo.


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