My Favorite Fiction

 I walked into my parents’ room on the 25th of January, 2015 at around 2am. It’s not a usual custom for me to just invade my parents’ privacy but I had a good reason that day. My mother, my jewel and everything I hold dear in this life was awake and couldn’t seem to fall back to sleep.

She had texted me to come keep her company and maybe crack one or two of my unfunny jokes as she calls them so it could make her fall asleep. I didn’t take offence because I know I’m a funny person and she knows too. She just wanted a good night’s rest. This wasn’t the first time I would be helping her get back to sleep. For a long time since I could remember, my mum wasn’t sleeping well. At first I just assumed she was a light sleeper and the complete opposite of my dad, who can sleep on water. I recollect one time at night when I tried getting into my mum’s purse and even before I could take two steps, she was wide awake. What happened next helped me stop stealing for life. So for a long time, I felt she had a mother mechanism designed to stop me from misbehaving.

But as I grew older, I began to take her sleeplessness more seriously even more than she did. She would often just dismiss it as stress-induced and continued to try to force sleep by assuming the sleeping position and counting the seconds. My mum, I should mention, did not like hospitals. Going to the hospital for her was sometimes like feeding a three-year old veggies: they both hated it. I would sometimes cajole and beg her to see the doctor when something was wrong with her. On my own I started doing some research to find out why her sleep pattern was messed up. I did not tell her of course because I did not want her in a panic. I did not go very far with my research because of my school work and soon enough I forgot about it.

So that day, we went into the living room and lucky enough for us we had light. My mum and I got talking, we discussed the events of the past day, made fun of a few of our neighbors and I cracked some of my jokes for her. I tried so many times to bring up her sleeplessness but she would have none of it. She told me not to worry about her and that she was probably getting old. My mum is just a little over forty. I did not pressure her cause I had a plan of my own. Two days later, I woke everybody up with my screams. I was immediately taken to the hospital and when we got there, I asked my mum to be with me when it was my turn to see the doctor.

When I finally got to see the doctor, I told him that the real person he had to talk to was my mum. My mum of course was angry but she understood immediately what I had done. Sighing, she relaxed into her chair and told the doctor everything. She later scolded me but also explained to me that she was tired and wanted help too. She told the doctor of how she found it hard to sleep and when she did fall asleep, it wouldn’t last for more than three hours. She also said it was mostly in the daytime that she found it easiest to sleep. The doctor asked about her mood and even I could answer that. My mom was easily irritated, most especially when she had a headache which was often. The doctor diagnosed her with insomnia and then referred us to a specialist for more information. We set off to see the specialist that same day. There she was put on observation for two weeks. The specialist finally informed her that she had primary insomnia. This meant that her insomnia wasn’t a medical symptom for another health problem. He prescribed a few drugs for her such as Zolpidem and Trazodone. He also advised her to change her lifestyle and try light therapy.

The rest is history now as my mom is doing better than before. Her sleep pattern is now fixing itself and her terrible mood swings have reduced considerably. The only down side for my mum is that her mother mechanism doesn’t work anymore.



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