Story, Story.

(In the beginning)

I really like you and I want us to be together. All these talking was going to lead us here someday. I can’t get you out of my head and i have to let you know. I think of you all the time even when I’m preoccupied with work, a beautiful distraction for my routine fixed mind.

Few moments later….

But wait! Before we go on, you need to know a few things. I can’t be there for you the way you want me to. You see I am too busy and even though i think of you every minute on the minute, I’m too busy and picking up my phone to send a simple text is just too much of a task. I will hurt you really bad but please bear with me because I like you. I am not in a position to make you happy but really i want to. I want to so bad but i won’t even try out the little gestures that really matters. In order to make you or anyone happy, I have to go big or I can’t give anything. But please don’t forget that I LIKE YOU.

As time goes on….

Give me your time even though right now we can’t work out. Still like me even though my request makes no sense. PLEASE LIKE ME but don’t expect anything from me. I can’t meet your expectations, at least not right now because I am too busy being an asshole, ignoring you and tweeting about how I need a girlfriend. Why do you keep pestering me for affection? We are not even together. Yes I tell people i have no girlfriend because really you and I are not even in a relationship. Which means we are single pringles therefore if there is someone out there ready to make you happy, please for goodness sake let him! Don’t let me block your happiness because everyone deserves to be happy but don’t mind me when I tell you everyday that I LIKE YOU or even imply it.

Box full of complaints….

Why won’t you understand young woman that I want you for the future and not now? Why can’t you get that into your head? I keep reminding you of how I feel because it’s the only thing I can think of to do. I don’t expect you to take offence because I have warned you several times about this. Wait are you trying to go? Don’t go please I LIKE YOU. Why don’t you understand that we dont stand a chance of working out, not now that is, that’s like trying to win the power ball. And it’s really hard right now for me to show any form of affection even though I REALLY LIKE YOU.

Just an extra word….

Why are you being such an insensitive person because you like me too and want to be treated like a Princess? Stop craving attention from me! Stop this very minute!! Stop wanting all the things every sane guy that likes a girl does for her, that is oh so selfish of you. You are really lucky though cause I STILL LIKE YOU.

Issolova (Its all over)….

So now you want to leave me when I already told you times and times again that I would hurt you? Why couldn’t you just take it all? Don’t try to put the blame on me, please dont try to claim that I hurt you. Don’t make me feel like an asshole, no way, you won’t pull that stunt on me because as far as my tiny brain knows I already gave you a heads up. It’s really safe to say that you are clearly at fault for staying.

Final words….

Now that you are gone, just keep in mind that I will periodically hit you up telling you how I STILL LIKE YOU and how I want to get back together. Also I solemnly swear to try to convince you that I am a changed man and I’m all ready to give you what you want. And just when you start believing, I will go back to my perfectly hurtful behavior just like old times. Ciaos.

Curtain fall…




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