Black and gold

Black and gold

What has our story told

Young and naive

force fed the wrong info

Chicago born with such

little lingo.

Can’t be part of your neighborhood

because of the color of my skin.

But in Africa we were more than that.

Black and gold

Black like the melanin I was blessed with

Gold like the adornment ripped from our necks and traded for chains.

We were warriors

we still are


marching together

never looking back

never forgetting

the PTSD and triggers lasting throughout many generations.

Some of us never making it home

because of the war

Made up from reasons unknown

But the only thing said was

“You will go down in history,”

But they take it as extermination

For this great nation

Enslaving another generation

These Haitians

Having this fixation

On our foundation


Black and gold

Black and gold

This sh*t is getting old

The same old, same old is becoming toxic like mold.

“Don’t speak, just let your curves do the talking”

“Why are you such an angry black woman?”

“Why can’t you just be a nurse, women can’t handle being doctors!”

I laugh at your small mind

in a small town

surrounded by small minds

I’ll start letting my hips speak

as soon as you start talking to my palm

But don’t worry about my hips

because honey they don’t lie.

And this isn’t anger that you are seeing

it’s fear

it’s irritation

it’s drowning

Don’t try to shut me up by calling me an angry black woman

Don’t try to shut me up by saying that

i’m ghetto

i’m too loud







not black

Because you’re not just silencing me you are silencing a whole generation.

You say that I’m cute for a BLACK WOMAN

But it’s really your addiction

That’s starting this friction

And when you don’t get your way

You touch me

I tell the judge

But with no conviction

I knew that this would match my prediction


Black and gold

Black and gold

Muscular and manly

only ones to be sold.

We are playing into what they want

Believing the hype of this new found freedom

Not understanding the consequences that come with it.

History repeating itself on a whole nother level

Falling into the trap of what the American God wants

Because in God we trust

You say that this country is free but only if you’re

white collar

straight as a pole


a brother but not a brotha

You are feeding into this new found slavery

only to ask the question why you don’t feel free

The world sees you as an ass

putting all their baggage on your back

waiting for it to break.

Not seeing that they’re part of the problem

Scars from the whip

They want to be your pimp.

To them you are on their radars but only a blip

They tell you to strip

And change into what they want

A crip


Black and gold

Black and gold

What you say is bold

Certainly you don’t mean that,

that was cold

The way you shout

and scream

to hear your voice

but at the same time

muting my voice.

You can have anything

and even waste our money and

mama will still make you her first priority

My blackness is as deep as an abyss.

But you want me to be as bleached as our history books.


I must say the truth before they cut me off

Because remember that the revolution

won’t be televised.

Remember that they will try to beat you down



Into a bloody pulp

And then ask you to forgive them

Remember that they will say that Africa is



And useless

But think

if they continued to say that

how would you think about our motherland

Not another man

But are motherland

Remember that if they try to say that your melanin is less than it actually is

than they obviously are pathological liars

Remember they hated us for years

But now they want to be us

But failing to be us


Remember to never let the man tell you what you can and cannot be

The doctor you’ve always wanted to be

The best person you’ve always wanted to see

The father that wanted to be deemed


Remember to fight

Without words mixing up this battle

With getting that IQ higher

Because they can’t tell you nothin

When you have DR. in front of your name


Remember that Black and Gold is more than what they say

Black like the people who were sold

Gold like the Egyptians have told

Black like the body that was shot in the cold

Gold like the minds that were controlled

Black like the kids that were never enrolled


Remember black and gold….

-As told by Jasmine



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