Solitude is dangerous

   It is madness

   Sometimes a deep deep sadness

   But somehow I still love it


   Solitude makes me crazy

   It’s a form of torture

   It drives my depression

   A bittersweet melody

   And I love to hear it


   Solitude is my shelter

   The wall I build up as borders

   The shell I happily carry

   The soldier that guards my gate

   Cause I trust it with my very life


   Solitude is peace

   In it I find refuge

    Refuge from pain and suffering

   Caused by many known and unknown forces

   And so I wrap solitude around me


Beautiful sketches

Beautiful sketches

What do you love about yourself, girl?
I know what I love about you
In fact I know many things I love about you
The shape of your nose and beautiful curve of your lips
Your intelligence and the way your voice comes out strong when you talk
But that’s just me, what do you really think? Read more